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Let's get started!

Our advisory services help get your ideas off the ground – confidentially and free of charge.

We offer a fresh perspective for your business by sharing knowledge and resources to shorten the learning curve. Our business advisory services are designed to help you get started and grow your business.

We also have an extensive network of reputable advisors we can connect you with when specialized expertise is needed. Our advisory services are free and available to all businesses in the areas we serve, whether or not you are a loan client of Valley Heartland.


Advisory Services at No Cost

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General 1-on-1

(30 - 60 min)

We’re here to answer your business questions, help you plan around challenges and seize opportunities, or address your concerns surrounding start-up, growth, and potential changes to your business.

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Business Planning

(30 - 60 min)

Your business plan is the key to achieving your goals, securing capital through loans and financing, and keeping your business on track. Our business advisors provide coaching and reviews to improve your existing business plan or the templates you need to get your plan started.

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Cash flow Cram Session

(2 Hours)

Your business relies on a healthy cash flow to operate. Our Cram Sessions are designed to help you unpack your cash flow and dive deep into the movement of money within your business. We’ll work alongside you to analyze your current working cash flow and strategize profit-maximizing solutions.

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